Blitz Meet


The classic Pong, but you'll swing swords instead of paddles


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Blitz Meet is a fun arcade game that combines the traditional gameplay of Pong with a series of novelties that make it a completely different and much more addictive experience.

The gameplay is pretty simple: there are two knights, one on each side of the screen. Your goal is to destroy the wall behind the opponent by using your sword, and the only way to do it is by hitting a bouncing ball, just like in Pong.

So you'll have to defend your wall, which has lives, while you try to break the opponent's wall. From time to time, you can get different power-ups that will give you longer swords and other benefits which make hitting the ball easier.

Of course, the game can only be played in pairs. Fortunately, Blitz Meet supports joysticks, so you can play with either a keyboard or the Xbox 360 joystick, for example.

Blitz Meet is a great PC game for two people. Its polished and original gameplay make it a fun choice.
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